Hoa is a game that we've been looking forward to for ages, an anime-inspired puzzle platformer that actually launched back in August, but we haven't been able to try it properly yet due to a game-breaking bug on Xbox.

The bug, which caused the game to freeze during loading, was so severe that the team decided to pull the game from sale almost immediately, and they're now directing players to Microsoft for a full refund, as well as promising to provide a free key to redeem the game when it gets listed again on the Xbox Store in the near future.

It's been a month since the bug was first identified at launch, but the team now says a fix is "in testing". They also apologised for the issues, thanking early adopters for "supporting us" despite the rocky Xbox launch so far.

The bug is a disappointment, but it's clear the team wants to go the extra mile to satisfy those who have been left disgruntled by the issues, and the game itself has been getting pretty good reviews across the board elsewhere.

Hopefully we've just got a few days left to wait until Hoa is back on the Xbox Store for purchase.

Did you pick up Hoa at launch and experience this issue? Let us know down in the comments below.