Nintendo Switch Xbox 1 (2)

The Nintendo Switch received a new update overnight, which enabled Bluetooth audio for all consoles. As a result, it's been discovered that the Xbox Wireless Headset is now pairable with the system.

Modern Vintage Gamer was the first to come across the addition, showcasing the headset was discoverable via the new Nintendo Switch update.

We've tested it out ourselves and it's fairly simple to replicate, with a new option in the system's settings dedicated to Bluetooth audio. Once opened, simply put your Xbox Wireless Headset into discover mode by holding down the power button and you can now pair your headset with the Nintendo Switch console.

In fact, most Bluetooth headsets should work, so if you have any lying around, it may be worthwhile giving them a go. This isn't perhaps the Xbox and Nintendo crossover we were dreaming of, but we'll take it for now.

Will you be using this new Nintendo Switch feature? Drop us a comment and let us know.