Xbox's Bethesda Is Sending The Star Of Deathloop A PS5 So He Can Play His Own Game
Image: Arkane Studios

You'd think that being part of Deathloop, it would be pretty easy for you to play the game when it launches, right? Apparently not, as Jason Kelley, the voice of protagonist Colt, has been unable to play the game due to the lack of a PlayStation 5 to play it on. Thankfully, the Xbox-owned Bethesda has swooped in to save the day.

When Deathloop launched earlier this month, Kelley took to Twitter to share his excitement for its release but also mentioned that if “anyone can get [him] a copy and a PlayStation 5, [he] would appreciate it”.

This plea didn't fall on deaf ears, as Bethesda's senior vice president of global marketing Pete Hines offered to find him a PS5 to enjoy his "own amazing performance".

It appears Hines' comment was no empty promise, as Kelley later revealed in an interview with JumpCut PLAY (thanks, The Gamer) that Bethesda is shipping a PS5 and a copy of the game to him.

"I haven't played the game yet, I don't have a PS5... yet. I'm breaking an exclusive with you. I made an announcement, I was doing a bit and said that I didn't have one and it turns out, I was just notified by Bethesda that a PS5 was made available and is going to be shipped to me, with the game as well. So, I'll be playing the game... I'm super excited."

It's fantastic to see an Xbox owned studio come out to save the day. Having played the game ourselves, we can note Kelley's performance is fantastic and we can't wait to see his reaction to the game once the console is in his hands.

As for Deathloop arriving on Xbox, we imagine sometime around September next year will be when we see it surface. It's also fair to assume it will be a day one Xbox Game Pass title too, considering Xbox now owns Arkane Studios.

Have you managed to check out Deathloop yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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