It's felt like an eternity since we last saw The Gunk in action, but fear not, a new short but sweet gameplay trailer aired during Xbox's Gamescom 2021 stream. Not only does it prove it's very much real, but it's also coming this December to Xbox Game Pass.

While the trailer omitted a release date, an Xbox Wire post came to the rescue with a release month. As for the footage shown, well, it looks gorgeous yet again, with some beautiful art design to gawk at.

"You play as Rani, one part of a space hauling duo who are mining the galaxy for whatever resources they can sell to make ends meet. When she and her partner Becks land on a seemingly barren planet, they find the gunk, a previously undiscovered substance that could mean a big payout!

The only problem is that the gunk is somehow harming this natural habitat, which brings about a dilemma – should Rani and Becks be interfering with something they don’t fully understand? Will this dangerous discovery cause a rift between two friends?"

Accompanying the gorgeous trailer is some details for what Xbox players can expect in terms of fidelity. The Xbox One version will offer a stable 30fps experience, whilst high-end PCs, Xbox Series X and Series S will run at 4K/60fps.

"As is to be expected, we’re using Smart Delivery to best support all Xbox platforms. On Xbox One, you can expect a stable 30fps experience that offers the beautiful art design and graphical flourishes that you have seen in our trailer. If you’re playing on Xbox Series X|S or a high-end PC, everything is dialled up and we aim to provide you with a smooth 60fps gameplay experience at up to 4K resolution."

We're expecting to hear more about the game in the coming weeks, but until then, marvel over this stunning trailer, check out our interview from last year, and prepare for The Gunk to drop on Xbox Game Pass this December!

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