Halo Infinite Will Include ‘Wacky’ Cosmetics, Similar To Apex Legends
Image: 343 Industries

One of the major elements of Halo Infinite's multiplayer is the vast array of customisation options that will be available. Players will be able to deck out their spartan in a range of different armours to give them a truly unique personality. While you may assume these will be pretty standard Halo fare, a new rumour suggests we may be seeing more "wacky" options.

Known industry leaker Tom Henderson shared the rumour on Twitter, claiming that if players thought cosmetics in the game would be "true to the franchise", then they're "in for a surprise". According to Henderson, some of these unlockables will be more akin to the "wacky" ones founds in Apex Legends, with one example being a snowman outfit set to be released around Christmas.

Of course, some fans have been quick to point out that Halo has always embraced its fun side when it comes to armour customisation, but Henderson has suggested Halo Infinite will be going one step further.

Cosmetics look to be a huge focus in Halo Infinite, especially considering that the multiplayer will be free-to-play from launch. With an emphasis being put on microtransactions for those who want additional armour pieces, it's probably not surprising to expect a few 'out there' options.

We'll have to wait and see what's in store, but it sounds as though we'll be seeing some interesting spartans running around the battlefield later this year.

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