Microsoft Flight Simulator Patch Reportedly 'Fixes' Quick Resume On Xbox Series X|S

The latest hotfix arrived for Microsoft Flight Simulator across Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC yesterday, and while it isn't mentioned in the release notes, the patch appears to have fixed Quick Resume support on Xbox Series X|S.

Fans have taken to social media to report that Quick Resume is now working properly for them with Flight Sim following the hotfix, as while support was previously in place, it only seemed to work for certain players and not others.

The rest of the patch notes aren't overly exciting, targeting areas such as "fixing ground level of detail (low resolution) when flying at airliner altitudes", and “'washed out / oil painted' clouds and the overall luminosity under cloud coverage".

It's great that a game like Flight Sim can benefit from Quick Resume, as it means you can instantly jump back into a multi-hour flight if you can't complete it all in one sitting. Let's just hope no further issues arise with it.

Have you been using Quick Resume with Microsoft Flight Sim on Xbox Series X|S? Tell us below.