If you're hardcore and you've already beaten Hades multiple times, then get ready for another tough challenge, as Into the Pit is bringing more roguelite action to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC via Xbox Game Pass on October 19.

Utilising a first-person perspective, developer Nullpointer Games is allowing you to use your hands to throw down some dark powers on an assortment of terrifying beasties. It certainly seems to be embracing its promise of fast-paced action judging by the trailer.

Key Features

Fight with Chaotic Magic – Experiment with various spells and powers to become an unstoppable magical force.

Shifting, Treacherous Dungeons – High-octane energy and short-paced levels will keep you on your toes. You’ll never know what horror lies beyond the next corner.

Grow Your Powers – Rescue villagers to open shops for permanent upgrades to prolong your runs and maximize your potential.

Choose Your Challenge – Mix keys and runes gathered on your journeys to generate and combine different dungeon encounters.

It appears to be another indie hit in the Xbox Game Pass library, and we must say, the visuals are very striking. The powers look to be a ton of fun to experiment with and hopefully it scratches that itch that Hades has given us.

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