Hurricane Ida Is Looking Suitably Scary In Microsoft Flight Simulator
Image: Adam Carter on Twitter

Hurricane Ida unfortunately began its strike on the state of Louisiana over the weekend, leaving the likes of New Orleans without power, and Microsoft Flight Simulator has become a destination to observe its path from the skies.

If you didn't know, Microsoft Flight Sim features the ability to turn on real-time weather if you want to, and so Hurricane Ida has been replicated in-game, with some incredible footage cropping up online as a result:

As you can imagine, Hurricane Ida is getting all the attention in Flight Sim at the moment, with loads of players flocking to the location to see what it looks like. It's a breathtaking sight without a doubt, albeit a pretty scary one.

Give it a try for yourself (don't forget, Microsoft Flight Simulator is included with Game Pass for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC), and it goes without saying that if you're in the Louisiana area, we hope you're staying safe right now.

Did you explore Hurricane Ida in Microsoft Flight Simulator over the weekend? Tell us what it was like below.