Fortnite Streamer Ninja Is Doing An 'AMA' On Halo's Subreddit
Image: Xbox on YouTube

If you're already questioning why a Fortnite streamer would be doing an AMA on the main Halo subreddit, then you might not know about Ninja's past history.

Before he streamed Epic's battle royale, Tyler Blevins was actually a professional Halo 3 player - representing several esports teams. So, if you're an "OG" as Ninja puts it, be sure to drop around and ask him anything tomorrow (on 18th August)... that's presumably related to Halo.

Xbox and Ninja also maintain good relations - late last year the Xbox team sent Ninja a life-sized Gravity Hammer to cross-promote the Fortnite x Master Chief collaboration.

Have any Halo questions for Ninja? Did you follow his Halo esports career back in the day? Tell us down below.