Yes, There's A Way To Play Microsoft Flight Simulator Offline On Xbox

There's been a bit of confusion surrounding whether Microsoft Flight Simulator will be playable offline on Xbox Series X and Series S when it launches this Tuesday, but we've got official confirmation that it will be.

Like in the PC version, there will be a dedicated offline option for those who don't have the best access to the internet. This is actually what takes up most of the 97GB download, as 57.9GB is reserved for offline scenery data.

"Microsoft Flight Simulator has an offline mode. To turn this mode on, you will need to launch the simulator with an internet connection first. From there, you can activate this mode and play offline in the future."

There are some obvious drawbacks to doing this, of course, such as the inability to stream world data via the internet, which means you should typically be faced with lesser-quality visuals and reduced map accuracy.

Naturally, you also won't get to benefit from the likes of live air traffic and weather data, along with the ability to see other players flying alongside you from across the world. Regardless though, it's great to have an offline option.

You can see an example of how offline mode works on PC below, which we assume will be very similar on Xbox.

Will you be utilising the offline mode with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox? Tell us down below.