Xbox Is Giving Away Free Gift Cards For The Xbox Summer Sale 2021

Update: We've received reports that these free gift cards are now being received in the US as well, so if you haven't checked your Xbox messages in a while, now would be a good time! You might just get lucky...

Original story: Yep, it's that time again! Microsoft is once more sending out a batch of free Xbox Gift Cards to various Xbox users (seemingly only in the UK for now) in celebration of the massive Xbox Summer Sale on the Microsoft Store.

We've seen reports of these being received in £4 and £8 increments, but they're only being given out to certain Xbox users, so hopefully you've been one of the lucky few! Here's some evidence from HotUKDeals and Twitter:

These promos usually come along with every big sale on the Microsoft Store, and they're typically available in multiple regions, so we wouldn't be surprised to see this extend to at least the US and Canada over the next day-or-two.

Please do let us know if you've been lucky enough to receive a code, and we'll update this accordingly!

Have you received a free Xbox Gift Card for the Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments below.