After a rocky launch, Watch Dogs: Legion is finally in a stable state, so now the promised expansion can finally emerge. Bloodline brings some classic characters into the fray such as the original game's Aiden Pearce and the sequel's comical sidekick Wrench. It's available for all season pass members now or available to purchase separately.

Set across 10 main missions, players will control both Aiden and Wrench in the city of London. While the main game allowed you to play as anyone, the attention here seems to have diverted to being a more focused narrative. There's even 19 side missions to sink your teeth into, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

In Bloodline, players will follow Aiden as he accepts a routine fixer job in London to reconnect with his nephew Jackson following the events of Watch Dogs. Aiden’s mission is to infiltrate a high-tech laboratory from Broca Tech to steal a mysterious and valuable piece of technology, but his mission is compromised when Wrench escapes with the device.

With his fixer contract now gone sideways, Aiden is caught in a deadly crossfire. With no real allies against a corporate giant, and with Wrench one step ahead of him, Aiden must team up with his estranged nephew Jackson, and rely on his grit & experience. With Wrench’s unpredictable behavior, things are bound to get chaotic.

The fun doesn't stop here for Watch Dogs: Legion, with more content coming this August. Players can expect some Assassin's Creed crossover content, as a new playable character known as Darcy joins the roster. There will be more missions and a new world event to dive into.

Despite its rough beginnings, Ubisoft has stuck with Watch Dogs: Legion in an attempt to rectify its problems. The expansion also comes with an array of bug fixes to polish the game even further. While it may not be for everyone, there's still a loyal fanbase out there, and this new expansion may usher in some new players.

You can read up on the full list of patch notes for the Bloodline update over at the Ubisoft website.

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