The Ascent is an isometric RPG scheduled to launch for Xbox Game Pass on July 29, and ahead of its arrival next week, Xbox has released a 14-minute deep dive to give an indication as to what players can expect.

In the video, the team at Neon Giant talk about their love for the sci-fi and cyberpunk genre, and how those influences have moulded The Ascent. But of course, they also delve into the gameplay behind the title, which includes a look at the game's world design, combat, player interactions and more.

The Ascent is a solo and co-op Action-shooter RPG, set on Veles, a packed cyberpunk world. Explore the world of Veles, alone or with up to three friends, to find out what happened. Your ascent through the arcology will lead you across the path of the most impressive enemies but also unexpected alliances.

Fully customize your character's appearance, skills and abilities to match your playstyle and loot various weapons and gear as you grow stronger.

While a heavy emphasis has been put into the combat and RPG elements behind The Ascent, there's actually a surprising amount of depth in its world building. It's not all guns blazing action, as the gameplay also demonstrates slower moments where you talk to other inhabitants, learn more about the lore and really get a chance to immerse yourself in the world.

It's looking to be a big Xbox Game Pass favourite next week, joining another giant launch in Microsoft Flight Simulator for consoles. We managed to sit down with the team at Neon Giant to talk about The Ascent last month, giving an even further look into what players can expect from the cyberpunk RPG on July 29. It's also now available to pre-download with Xbox Game Pass, so be sure to grab it ahead of release.

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