Dying Light 2 may still be a fair few months away from its December 2021 release, but we've been treated to plenty of new gameplay and details. While we've seen a lot of the open-world traversal and zombie killing mayhem, the latest gameplay trailer aims to show some of the slower, terror-fuelled moments.

Set in an abandoned hospital, many horrific new enemy types are showcased, such as an infected type known as Sleeping Beauties. You'll have to deploy your stealth abilities to sneak around them, and various other monsters are also residing within, so you'll be wanting to do your best to not come face-to-face with any of these terrifying foes.

It's a change of pace for the game and shows it's not just you being an overpowered machine. The first game had great moments like this that were some of the best, so we're glad to see them return. Fans of the original game will also be happy to know it recently received some new content, so be sure to check it out ahead of the sequel.

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