The Walking Dead Heavily Criticised As Clementine Makes Her First Comic Appearance

FYI: We've tried to avoid spoilers, but if you're still playing TWD, maybe ignore this story to be safe!

It's been a couple of years since Skybound wrapped up the conclusion to Telltale's The Walking Dead in the gaming world, but now fan-favourite character Clementine has made her debut in a new Walking Dead comic series.

Sadly, it's got off to a very negative start among fans of the games, who have taken to social media to suggest the story essentially ignores the plotline of the Telltale series, and "throws Clementine's morals out of the window". If you don't mind (major) spoilers, you can find the full story details of her first comic appearance over at the Walking Dead Wiki.

This is just the prelude to Clementine's appearances in The Walking Dead's comic series, with the 256-page Clementine Book One going on sale in June 2022, with plans for it to be the first in a trilogy (thanks GamesRadar).

The game series finally reached its emotional conclusion back in March of 2019, with Skybound picking up the rights to finish The Final Season (with the original dev team) after Telltale Games initiated a "majority studio closure".

Have you read the new Clementine comic yet? What are your thoughts on TWD in general? Tell us below.

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