Talking Point: Where Have You Been Flying In Microsoft Flight Simulator?

After a slightly turbulent start with a big day one update and a few teething issues, Microsoft Flight Simulator has officially landed for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and there's been massive excitement surrounding its release.

Naturally, many of us will have jumped into the tutorials before doing anything else yesterday, as there are a lot of controls and flight systems to learn, but we're assuming you might have had a chance to check out the World Map as well. And if you have, we're curious to know which regions of the world you've been flying in so far.

Perhaps you've been sticking to your own country and trying to find your house, or maybe you've been journeying halfway across the globe to take in some sights you'd never normally get to see. There's so much potential with Flight Sim (literally the entire world!), so everyone's answer will probably be a little bit different for this one.

Let us know where you've been flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator so far down in the comments below.