Sniper Elite 4 is the latest game to have received the next-gen upgrade treatment today, with an "enhanced" version now available as a free upgrade for Xbox Series X and Series S (included with Xbox Game Pass).

The update is said to "deliver gorgeous visuals up to 4K on PS5 and Xbox Series X, super smooth 60 frames per second gameplay and greatly improved load times, making this the definitive Sniper Elite 4 experience."

"Sniping has never looked better. The increased frame rate ensures super smooth gameplay enabling you to pull off even better shots. You can then view the results in the series defining kill cam in glorious detail, up to 4K, with enhanced contrast sharpening."

If you don't have Xbox Game Pass or you want to pick up Sniper Elite 4 permanently, the game is also included as part of the Xbox Summer Sale 2021, with the standard version discounted by a whopping 80%. Great stuff!

Will you be checking out the enhanced version of Sniper Elite 4? Tell us in the comments.