Xbox Players Are Loving Microsoft Flight Simulator, But Can't Seem To Stick The Landing
Image: Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft Flight Simulator officially launched for Xbox Series X and Series S yesterday, with thousands of players flooding the Microsoft Store to grab the new Game Pass title. The game has been met with a lot of love, but if there's one thing everyone seems to be struggling with, it's landing those pesky planes.

While Reddit has been home to many beautiful vista shots, it's being overshadowed by one specific element - landing. Sure, it's easy enough to take off, but doing the reverse is a different kettle of fish. As expected, therea re crashes, upside down planes, and runways plagued with pilots who can't quite nail the ending.

As you can see from the article image, this writer also took a nose dive into Warwick Castle and ended up in a tricky spot. Sometimes getting distracted by the beauty of the game can lead to disastrous results, whilst other moments are just down to us thinking we can outsmart the (admittedly crucial) tutorials. Touché.

Luckily, it's not all ending in tragedy for everyone, as Xbox players have also shared some absolutely stunning vistas from their sky high adventures. Images alone can't demonstrate just how beautiful Microsoft Flight Simulator can be.

Have you struggled to land your plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator? Let us know in the comments below.