Forza Horizon Smartwatch
Image: @1978iamdesign / Twitter

A bit like the saying "will it run DOOM?", there are now Xbox fans out there wondering what sort of odd devices they can get Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass services running on.

One individual, in particular, has gone to the extent of using a web browser on an Android smartwatch to access the Xbox Game Pass service via xCloud. The result is a great library of games on an incredibly tiny screen. It's even paired with a small 8BitDo controller.

As you can see, the user appears to be enjoying a bit of Forza Horizon 4. Keep in mind, this isn't very practical with a screen display that's apparently just 1.57 inches in size. As noted above, it's a Chinese smartwatch running on what is believed to be Android 5.1.

Of course, as long as you have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Game Pass, the internet, a browser and a device with a screen - unsurprisingly there are no limitations when it comes to where you can play your Xbox games.

What's the craziest device you've played your Xbox games on with xCloud? Tell us down below.

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