Microsoft Flight Simulator Dev Confirms Performance Details For Xbox Series X|S

It's crazy to think that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S via Xbox Game Pass this month, and developer Asobo Studio has been talking a bit more about it in a Q&A on Twitch.

As recapped by Twinfinite, a developer confirmed during the stream that the game will run on standard displays at 4K, 30fps on Xbox Series X, and 1080p, 30fps on Xbox Series S. Both systems are said to perform very similarly in terms of frame rate, and if you've got a display that supports variable refresh rates, the fps can actually go above that 30fps limit, even reaching as high as 60 frames per-second in certain scenarios.

In related news, the latest update for Flight Sim on PC (Sim Update 5, which will launch with the Xbox version), has seen part of the game's engine rewritten to improve performance, which is great news for PC players as well.

Additionally, the team intends to bring Microsoft Flight Simulator to Xbox One via Xbox Cloud Gaming (at some point), the build versions and marketplace of both the PC and Xbox editions will be the same, and cross-play, cross-saves and cross-purchases (for official add-ons) will all be supported. Mouse and keyboard will also be an option on console.

There's loads to get excited about with Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox, then, and we're now just a few short weeks away from its official launch on Xbox Game Pass on July 27. We're definitely ready for take-off!

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