Industry Analyst Claims Xbox Has Some 'Cool News' Coming This Week

Today has been a pretty big day for gaming news - but it's been bigger elsewhere than on the Xbox front. That said, it seems there may be something Xbox related still on the horizon this week according to a well-known industry analyst.

Daniel Ahmad, who is often known for providing insider information, claimed earlier today that there was hopefully some "cool news" coming from all three platforms this week: Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

As highlighted by Ahmad, both Nintendo and PlayStation have already revealed their cards. Nintendo came out swinging earlier today with an upgraded OLED display on the Switch, while PlayStation confirmed a State of Play showcase, focusing on the upcoming Bethesda title Deathloop. That just leaves Xbox to reveal what it has up its sleeve.

So, what could it be? It's obviously too soon after E3 for another event, and we've just received new Game Pass news. We're not expecting a reveal as big as the other two platform holders this week, but who knows?

What do you think the cool news could be? Let us know in the comments below.