Apex Legends Players Hack The Game With A 'Save Titanfall' Message
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends was hit with a strange issue over the weekend - hackers were displaying messages in an attempt to "Save Titanfall". Why? Well, Titanfall has become notorious on PC for being full of hackers, so now, the community has taken it into their own hands to spread the message.

Players logging in were hit with a multitude of on-screen messages regarding Titanfall, even going as far as to redirect to a website that aims to spread the word. Images for game modes were replaced, and a description said: "TF1 is being attacked so is Apex."

Initially it only seemed to affect PC players, but it wasn't long before the problems transitioned over to console - Xbox being one of them. Respawn worked effortlessly to track the issue, and as of a few hours ago, it should now be resolved. But don't worry, the studio has said it will be keeping an eye out regarding the problem.

It's insane that a game on the scale of Apex Legends was able to be hacked so easily, but it highlights the problem that PC players have faced with the first Titanfall. The community has been vocal for some time about its current state on PC, but the issue seems to have had little in the way of fixes. While we don't condone hacking of any kind, perhaps this may give Respawn the much needed encouragement to rectify these issues.

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