You might have seen over the past couple of days that Amazon's upcoming MMO New World has enjoyed a very successful Beta on PC, hitting a whopping 200,000 concurrent players on Steam over the weekend.

And if you were wondering if there was any possibility of New World ever making it to an Xbox console, we're going to be the bearers of bad news and confirm what you probably feared - it seems very unlikely.

Here's what the development team had to say about this topic earlier this year:

It appears to be a very definitive statement, as does the brief bit of text on the website which also states New World will "only be available on PC", and the game won't even fully support controllers at launch in late August.

Interestingly, Amazon has remained tight-lipped about whether New World will be playable on its Luna cloud gaming service, which is a competitor to Xbox Cloud Gaming, but you have to imagine it'll get on there eventually.

Do you wish New World was coming to Xbox, or are you not bothered? Let us know in the comments.