Xbox Cloud Gaming
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has just lifted the lid on its future plans for hardware, software and all that sits in-between, and has revealed that Xbox Cloud Gaming is headed to consoles - along with pretty much everything else - later this year.

While rivals such as Google and Sony are also contesting the cloud gaming space, Microsoft's Azure platform gives it a real edge over its rivals, and by twinning Xbox Cloud Gaming with Game Pass, the company is driving adoption at an impressive rate.

It's clear that, although the firm is still invested in pushing dedicated gaming hardware like the Xbox Series X and S, it's also thinking of a much bigger audience thanks to the power of the cloud – but by integrating the service with its consoles, Microsoft clearly feels it can make some impressive things happen, like "try before you download."

Kareem Choudhry, CVP of cloud gaming, said:

A phone that can only play Angry Birds can now play MLB The Show. An affordable laptop made for web browsing can now play Halo in full fidelity. This is what playing anywhere you want looks like. Delivering on this promise together has been years in the making.

Later this year, we'll add cloud gaming directly to the Xbox app on PCs, and integrated into our console experience, to light up all kinds of scenarios, like 'try before you download.'

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