We got a lovely new taste of Shadow Warrior 3 earlier this year and mentioned at the time how it seemed to have influences from DOOM. Well this latest trailer seems to show the game has taken the soul of DOOM by the hand and thrust it into its own DNA. That isn't a bad thing. In fact, this trailer has got us immensely excited for the new entry.

Unfortunately, the trailer still didn't give away a release date outside of its 2021 release window, but the violence on display definitely made up for that fact. Levels are made up of tons of enemies, hundreds of bullets, and an assortment of weird and wonderful traps to use. One part of the trailer even showcases a wrecking ball attached to a building which you can shoot to spin it around. Very cool!

There's also grappling hooks, elemental attacks, and of course, a lot of enemies getting ripped apart. We would have loved to have seen a release date, but alas, we'll have to wait just a little longer. If you're hungry for some DOOM in your life, be sure to check out the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase tonight as it seems the 2016 version of the game may finally be returning to Xbox Game Pass. Maybe we'll hear more about the next-gen upgrade of DOOM Eternal, too?

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