Quake II

A rating for an untitled project by id Software surfaced on the Australian Classification Board yesterday.

It is codenamed 'Project 2021B' and nobody seems to be entirely sure what this mysterious rating might be for. The code name is similar to 'Project 2021A' - which supposedly ended up being DOOM 3 for PSVR.

The difference with this latest listing is that it's rated 'M' for Mature, has online interactivity, and is down as a multiplatform release. Project 2021A in contrast was R18+ (the highest video game classification in Austrlaia) and the media type was a Virtual Reality game.

While there's the possibility it's another DOOM game, there's also been some speculation on sites such as ResetEra and Twitter that it might be the return of Quake, which would line up with QuakeCon this August and potentially the second game's 25th anniversary next year.

Of course, it could also be anything else related to id Software. What do you think this project might be? Leave your own thoughts in the comments down below.

[source classification.gov.au, via gamesradar.com]