Turtle Beach has announced a brand-new VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S (and PC), allowing you to take to the skies in style in Microsoft Flight Simulator this July.

This control system is said to deliver "the most comprehensive flight control solution to setup your own cockpit at home," featuring realistic yoke design with true-to-life 180° yoke handle rotation, dual lever and vernier controls along with 10 programmable buttons and an integrated trim wheel, the ability to customize your throttle controls with included custom lever handles to match your preferred aircraft. a real-time status indicator panel, full colour flight management display, integrated rudder controls and much more.

It's a bit of a beast!

The VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System isn't available to purchase just yet, but you can sign up for pre-order notifications on the Turtle Beach website. As for the price, it'll set you back a fair chunk of change at $349.95.

The VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System delivers the most comprehensive, flight control solution to setup your own cockpit at home. Whether you’re an experienced PC player or among the first to play Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S, VelocityOne™ Flight equips you with all the controls needed to navigate the skies.

Will you be gearing up for take-off in Microsoft Flight Simulator with this? Let us know down below.