Today's the day for Elder Scrolls Online fans! The 'Console Enhanced' version of the game is now officially available to download on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

The download size is a whopping 89GB, so you'll need to make room, and progress will carry over to the new version via Smart Delivery. Here are the most notable improvements in ESO: Console Enhanced, courtesy of Bethesda:

60 Frames Per Second

  • For the first time, you can experience the game running at 60FPS when Performance Mode is activated. Previously capped at 30FPS, you can now enjoy a crisp 60FPS throughout your adventures.

Performance and Fidelity Modes

  • Console Enhanced comes two modes to choose from: Performance and Fidelity Modes. When running in Fidelity Mode, you will enjoy native 4k for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and 1440p for the Xbox Series S; the only difference between the Xbox Series S versus the Series X and PS5 is the resolution. When running in Performance Mode on the Xbox Series S, some additional visual settings are lowered to ensure a seamless experience at 60 FPS and 1080p.

Improved Draw Distance

  • The draw distance has almost been doubled for your new console, allowing you to see more than ever before.

Unlocked Textures

  • We’ve also unlocked the ability for new-gen consoles to use high resolution textures so that they look even better on larger screens.

Updated Antialiasing

  • Improved antialiasing is also in place to help smooth out any jagged edges of foliage, grass, and structures in-game while also sharpening these elements when viewed up close.

Improved Reflections

  • We’ve improved the visuals with the addition of planar reflections, providing a massive boost to the game’s level of detail and realism. This is most noticeable in areas with water (such as Vivec City or Summerset). Note that when in Performance Mode, the boost to reflections might vary in water-heavy zones (such as Murkmire) or in areas where performance is most valued (such as in Cyrodiil or Trials).

Improved Ambient Occlusion with Screen Space Global Illumination

  • Upgrades to the game’s ambient occlusion with SSGI creates more realistic and natural indirect lighting and broadly boosts the level of detail in the game’s shadows.

Improved Shadows

  • Shadow resolution has been doubled and set to the PC equivalent of “Ultra”—the best possible setting for shadows in any version of ESO. This includes improvements to shadow distance.

Improved Depth of Field

  • This upgrade enables circular depth of field (the highest possible setting), creating smoother and more realistic background views, particularly when interacting with NPCs.

Improved Loading Times

  • Loading times have been tuned to be much faster than previous generation consoles, with loading times being nearly cut in half on average.

"On the Xbox Series X|S, Console Enhanced utilizes Smart Delivery to download and install the best version of game for you. If you have instant-on power mode and auto-update games enabled, Smart Delivery will upgrade you to Console Enhanced in the background automatically. Otherwise, a prompt will appear when playing or launching the game to initiate the update."

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