Rumour: Xbox Might Have An Acquisition To Announce At E3 2021

You might have noticed over the past few hours that there's been a lot of buzz surrounding Xbox acquisition talk on social media, and it stems from a few comments made by Windows Central editor Jez Corden.

Corden took to the Windows Central Discord to share that he believes "there's a very good chance of at least one [Xbox] acquisition being announced at [E3 2021]", and at the very least, he thinks it's "on the horizon".

He also noted that he's heard "good, very good" rumours that Microsoft has acquired IP, which may be part of a studio acquisition. However, to cool expectations, he advised that this isn't major "AAA-hype level stuff."

Despite all of this, Corden followed up on Twitter by confirming he has "no hard evidence yet" of anything, so it should all be taken with a pinch of salt. In any case, we've now got just a few days to wait until we find out the answer!

Do you think Microsoft will have an acquisition to share at E3 2021? Let us know down below.

Will Microsoft Announce An Xbox Acquisition At E3 2021?

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