That Rumour About Microsoft Causing Employee Unrest At Bethesda Isn't True

If you were browsing social media over the weekend, you might have noticed that one of the big stories going viral in the Xbox community was a rumour suggesting Bethesda employees were becoming disgruntled as a result of Microsoft taking over the company and supposedly 'changing the culture' there.

This rumour stemmed from YouTuber Tyler McVicker, who claimed on his show that lots of long-term Bethesda employees were leaving the company, and a few "off-the-record" quotes that had been given to him suggested "the new corporate entity that owns it all has really changed the culture quite quickly."

Fortunately, this has turned out not to be true, with an apparent Bethesda contractor dismissing the claims on Twitter over the weekend, and McVicker eventually apologising for getting his facts wrong in a follow-up tweet.

"The rumour was inaccurate. My apologies."

So there you go! Just in case you came across this rumour on social media, you needn't worry - it's not true.

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