It Looks Like Oddworld: Soulstorm Is Making Its Way To Xbox This July
Image: Oddworld Inhabitants

Update: Following the game being rated for Xbox earlier this month, a Greek retailer known as The Console Club has listed the game with a July 6 release date. If true, we'll more than likely hear something very soon.

The recently released PlayStation and PC title Oddworld: Soulstorm may be making its way to the Xbox in the near future according to a recent rating.

As spotted by XboxEra, a Brazilian ratings board has noted the game as arriving on Xbox One, alongside its previously released version on other systems. It's no surprise that the game could be arriving on Xbox, but the timing of it seems fairly short between its console exclusive release on PlayStation.

It could be that the game held a six month exclusive deal with PlayStation to become a PlayStation Plus release back in April. If that's the case, we could be seeing the game reach Xbox as soon as October. There's no official word as of yet, but no doubt we'll hear something in due course.

If you're itching for an Oddworld fix, the fantastic Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is available on Xbox systems. It's a perfect precursor to Soulstorm, so if you're wanting to check out the series before the latest entry may potentially arrive, it's a great starting point.

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