Psychonaut 2's Release Date May Have Been Discovered
Image: Double Fine

Well, well, well, the cat may be out of the bag for Psychonauts 2's long speculated release date, as a recent leak on Steam may have pinpointed its exact date.

As spotted by one user on Resetera, the game has appeared in Steam's coming soon section and is currently sandwiched between two games that are releasing on August 25. Now while this could just be a placeholder it was actually moved from a placeholder date at the end of the year, and as the thread states, games in the coming soon section are pulled from the date the developer has set on the Steamworks site. This was how the Days Gone PC port release date was previously revealed, too.

We've checked this out for ourselves, and the game does in fact sit between the dates claimed.

Psychonaut 2's Release Date May Have Been Discovered
Image: Steam

Again, don't take this as gospel, but basing the information off of other games having their release date revealed in a similar manner, it's not entirely out of the realms of possibility. With Xbox's E3 showcase next weekend, we'd be very surprised if we didn't get a confirmed release date.

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