Well, this is a nice surprise! No Man's Sky has received a free substantial update known as Prisms, which introduces another huge graphical overhaul for players to enjoy on Xbox, with some specific changes to next-gen systems and Xbox One X in particular.

One of the biggest enhancements is Space Screen Reflections for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One X players. New stunning effects will make environments seem more realistic than ever before with improved lighting for quality reflections. It's one of over 20 new features, which range from graphical upgrades, to quality of life improvements.

Visual enhancements will see fur, particle effects, biome details, and more increased to push the game even further. On the quality of life improvements side, players can now ride flying animals, and benefit from UI and photo mode changes. It's a pretty big update, and even better is that it's free of charge for everyone to enjoy. The only feature that seems specific to some consoles is the Space Screen Reflections, but the rest should be accessible to everyone.

The full list of changes, including some visual references, can be seen in a pretty extensive blog post from Hello Games. There are even some handy sliders to compare the visual upgrade in the new version. The comeback story of No Man's Sky has been nothing short of impressive, and this is yet another example of the game's longevity.

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