Xbox Gave Sony Pre-Release Xbox Series X|S Hardware For MLB The Show 21

Xbox exec Sarah Bond has revealed how there was a lot of "trust" involved in bringing Sony's MLB The Show series to Xbox for the first time, and the team had to hand over pre-release Xbox Series X|S hardware in the process.

Speaking to Axios and transcribed by VGC, Bond explained that the Xbox team had a massive interest in bringing MLB The Show 21 to Xbox, but in terms of handing over that hardware pre-launch, it required a lot of "industry trust".

“The Show always came up. We always said, ‘We love this game. It would be a huge opportunity to bring it to Xbox.'”

“It was a real, real sign of industry trust.”

MLB The Show 21 also launched as part of Xbox Game Pass on day one, of course, and it was recently revealed that the game had been a massive success on the service, bringing "millions of new fans" to Game Pass.

It's still crazy to us that MLB The Show 21 not only exists on Xbox, but is also included with Xbox Game Pass. We were waiting a very long time for a proper, realistic baseball sim on the platform, and it's great to finally have one!

What are your thoughts about this and MLB The Show 21 in general? Let us know down below.

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