Alien Isolation And Yakuza 3's Frame Rate Issues Have Been Fixed

For a while now, users have reported frame rate issues with both Alien: Isolation and Yakuza 3. Even with games such as Alien Isolation getting an FPS Boost, it still didn't seem to rectify the issue, but rejoice - the latest Xbox update seems to have sorted all those problems.

June's update launched earlier this week and Jason Ronald, director of project management at Xbox, has revealed that both of these games were also fixed as part of the update. The original issue seemed to stem from having an external HDD connected, but now, players will be able to play without having to worry about these problems.

If you have an Xbox Series X|S, you'll be able to enjoy Alien Isolation at 60 frames per second with FPS Boost - a great feature which increases the frame rates of classic games. We're glad to see these issues are finally rectified.

Have you been waiting for a fix to try either of these titles? Drop us a comment and let us know.