Halo Infinite 2022 Calendar 4
Image: 343 Industries, Shop Trends

You know every Christmas you get a new calendar for the coming year? This Halo Infinite version might just be the next one to request, as not only is it gorgeous, but it also contains never-before-seen artwork from the upcoming game.

Highlighted by one Resetera user, the calendar was spotted on multiple websites - each showing the same images. As seen on the back, 13 pieces of artwork are included. A couple of them we've been shown before, but the large majority are brand-new. We get a glimpse of some large scale battles, decrepit Halo rings, and some gorgeous vistas. A tantalising view ahead of this week's E3 showcase.

This isn't making the wait for the game go by any faster at all. 343 Industries has the huge task of reselling Halo Infinite this E3 to many fans who quickly dismissed it last year. The year long delay will hopefully have given the next entry more time to cook, so by the time we see it again, the footage is sizzling.

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