Bright Memory: Infinite Dev Provides Update, New Screenshots

The highly-anticipated Bright Memory: Infinite is scheduled to drop at some point on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S later this year, and developer FYQD Studio has provided a status update and some new screenshots on Twitter.

According to FYQD, "all gameplay" has now been developed for the title, with dubbing and music now taking priority. Additionally, GameSpot will be hosting a brand-new trailer for the game next Thursday, June 10.

"All GamePlay have been developed, we will enter the stage of dubbing and music. A new trailer For Bright Memory: Infinite will be unveiled at the GameSpot 'Play For All'."

Not to be confused with Bright Memory 1.0, which is a limited demo-like experience already available on Xbox Series X and S, Bright Memory: Infinite is expected to be a much more expansive and refined take on the formula.

We'll be sure to share that gameplay trailer with you on Thursday, but for now, here are those screens:

Looking forward to Bright Memory: Infinite? What do you think of Bright Memory 1.0? Let us know below.