Halo The Master Chief Collection

Although we're expecting to see more of Halo Infinite at the Xbox and Bethesda showcase next week on 13th June, 343 Industries is still busy improving the Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

With season seven on the horizon, 343's community guy Postums has now revealed some of the social matchmaking changes that are on the way (via Halo Waypoint). In the game's match composer - Firefight is being added as a new option. It's currently in the final stages of testing and crossplay is enabled.

"This will allow us to do several fun things and allows players to get in on the action in a much more streamlined and accessible way."


One of the main reasons behind this change is to make Firefight more centralised and to bring the Firefight communities of ODST and Reach closer - resulting in more matches and reduced times to find a game. It should also allow players to be able to enjoy more different game types and could eventually open the door for "potential" rotational Firefight options and categories.

What do you think about this change coming to season seven? Do you play Firefight yourself? Leave a comment below.

[source halowaypoint.com]