Marvel's Avengers (2020)

E3 is fast approaching and it seems we've already had a major 2K leak. According to industry insider and GamesBeat reporter, Jeff Grubb, the entire thing is real.

This information - which was originally posted on Reddit, claims 2K has three major titles in the works. The first is a new Marvel game by Civilization studio Firaxis, the second is a Borderlands spin-off and the last one is referred to as Codename Volt.

The Marvel game has been described as "XCOM with Marvel heroes" and will apparently feature some "famous actors" voicing the characters. The Borderlands game, which was supposedly teased by Game Reactor earlier this year, is called Wonderlands and is expected to star Tiny Tina. Last but not least is a new action game - mentioned in the leak as "Cthulhu meets Saints Row", and could be developed by Hanger 13 (Mafia III).

The same leak also claims Dirk Nowitzki will be on the front cover of this year's NBA 2K22. Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has chimed in as well:

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