Here's a blast from the past! 2010 Xbox Live Arcade game Toy Soldiers is officially getting an HD remaster on Xbox One this August, allowing you to "experience the award-winning XBLA hit updated for a whole new generation!"

According to the game's trailer, Toy Soldiers HD will feature new content, skins, gameplay, expanded game modes, improved controls and graphical upgrades, along with all the original DLC and a few new levels.

You can check out the brand-new trailer with gameplay footage above.

Command from above or take direct control below. Lead your foot soldiers, cavalry, tanks and planes to victory. Deploy an exciting arsenal of guns, gas, howitzers, mortars, troops, flamethrowers and vehicles to protect your Toybox in vintage WWI toy dioramas.

Will you be returning to the battlefield with Toy Soldiers HD? Let us know in the comments below.