Stalker 2 Will Have Three Months Console Exclusivity

Stalker 2 was confirmed last year to be a console launch exclusive, but that period doesn't seem to be overly long, as a recently unveiled confidential Microsoft slide has revealed it's only for a three month period.

As part of Apple vs. Epic Games' court case, Microsoft's vice president of gaming, media & entertainment, Lori Wright, was called to testify earlier today. As part of the evidence, a slide of Xbox's upcoming titles was shown (thanks to Tom Warren from The Verge for sharing), which gives a few small details on some upcoming games including Stalker 2.

It's shown that the game was expected to launch Q4 2021 as of last August, and will be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S for three months. Additionally, The Gunk is also seen with a release window of Q3 2021, with exclusivity held indefinitely.

While the game probably won't reach last-gen consoles due to the game's developers claiming it would be impossible to run, this could mean it'll arrive on PlayStation 5 after the three-month window. Whether the plans have changed remains to be seen, but if things still stand, then by early 2022, the game could be hitting other platforms.

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