It Looks Like Some Kind Of Spotify Promotion Is Returning To Xbox Game Pass

Update: That was quick! Thanks to Microsoft, it's already been revealed that this promotion will be offered as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perk, and will give subscribers access to four months of Spotify Premium for free as of May 4.

The downside? You'll need to be a new Spotify Premium member to use it.

"Play all your favorites with access to millions of tracks and podcasts titles. Ultimate members can enjoy ad-free music listening, music + podcast offline downloads, and on-demand listening with Spotify Premium for 4 months. Available for new Spotify Premium members only. Make sure you check with your regions since the terms might be different. For full details, see the offer in the Perks gallery on console, mobile or PC."

Original story: It was around this time last year that Microsoft partnered with Spotify to offer Spotify Premium for up to six months for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, and it looks like a promotion along those lines is about to return.

This has been spotted by Twitter user ALumia_Italia, who is well-known for scouring the Microsoft Store for upcoming releases and promotions, although they predict this offer might be limited to new subscribers only:

There has also been speculation that Microsoft might be preparing to bundle Spotify Premium with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate entirely, but we'd be very surprised if that was the case, especially considering the previous promotion.

If we had to take a guess, we're assuming Spotify Premium will be offered as an Xbox Game Pass Perk for another six months, most likely available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. We'll have to wait and see though!

Would you like to see the Spotify Premium promotion return to Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.