Roundup: Here's What The Critics Are Saying About Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Out Now

Today's the day! Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now finally available on Xbox, and the first few reviews and impressions have begun trickling in over the past 24 hours, although there's not too much to look at thus far.

It seems pretty much every outlet was affected by getting review access later than anticipated for this remastered collection, and considering all three games can take almost 100 hours to complete if you want to see everything (including DLC), it's no surprise that the majority of them have refrained from publishing a full review as of yet.

That said, there are impressions floating around, so here's what we've come across so far:

Press Start Australia (9.5/10)

"Mass Effect: Legendary Edition stands tall as one of the best remasters that I've ever played. The amount of care and effort that has gone into restoring the original Mass Effect along with the other two games is unmatched. While there are some underlying minor design issues with the original game, Legendary Edition is the best way to experience the Mass Effect trilogy. Period."

Eurogamer Italy (8/10)

(Translated) "The work done on improving the graphic sector and updating the game systems of the trilogy has impressed us in a positive way. Sure, the first chapter begins to show signs of time passing from the point of view of IA and playful structure but, once you get over the initial rock, what you'll have in your hands is one of the most celebrated and appreciated action-RPG experiences in video game history."

Push Square (Hands-On)

"If you're brand new to Mass Effect, but you've always been interested, we'd highly recommend checking out Legendary Edition based on what we've played so far. For the first game in particular, this looks and feels like the definitive way to experience a beloved RPG."

GameSpot (Review-In-Progress)

"All in all, I'm enjoying playing Mass Effect 1 again, something I never thought I'd say (I find the original game's combat too frustrating). I'm eager to get back to it, and see how the Legendary Edition may have changed Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 as well."

Game Informer (Review-In-Progress)

"Even all these years later, Commander Shepard is a powerful force that lives up to their iconic status, and the trilogy is still captivating and worth your time. You won’t forget these are older games while you play, but this remaster makes the first game much more approachable. That’s the best way to sum up my journey to this point."

Ultimately then, while there's still a lot of reviewing to be done - particularly of the second and third games - it seems the overall reception has been highly positive so far, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition is living up to the hype.

How are you finding Mass Effect Legendary Edition so far? Let us know down in the comments below.

How Are You Finding Mass Effect Legendary Edition So Far?