FPS Boost Is Great For Xbox Series X

When FPS Boost first got announced, the initial selection wasn't earth shattering, but it showed promise for Xbox Series X|S owners for what this feature could bring. Titles such as Far Cry 4 and New Super Lucky's Tale got some impressive boosts in their frame rate when they dropped, and this was only the beginning. Since then, a whole array of Bethesda and EA games have been subjected to the same treatment and boasted impressive results. Even the tech wizards at Digital Foundry have been stunned by how well these games perform.

So today's announcement of over 70 games being implemented with FPS Boost, which has more than doubled the amount that was already available, is a big win for Xbox Series X|S owners. Unlike previous selections which have mostly stuck with one publisher, we've seen a wide array of games added, with there being very little chance there isn't something for you within. You have titles all the way back from the beginning of the Xbox's lifespan such as Watch Dogs, along with more recent entries, including Wasteland 3. The amount of variety is incredible, and it's proving to be another showcase of support for backwards compatibility from Xbox.

It could have been easy for the team to simply bring other original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games over to the Series X|S, but the work that they're continuing to do proves that there's a genuine love for preserving these classic titles. That couldn't be more apparent in how simple it is to turn FPS Boost on or off. At the press of a button in the options, you're able to play the game how you like. Just because a game runs at 60FPS or 120FPS, doesn't necessarily mean that's what you want - and Xbox knows that. By adding the ability to fine tune your experience, the Xbox Series X|S experience really feels tailored to how you want to enjoy games.

Even if you're not interested in seeing the effects, it's hard to deny the impressive nature of FPS Boost. Games such as Far Cry 4 absolutely shine now they run at 60FPS, and the addition of Far Cry 5 really makes both entries feel like brand new games. Fallout 4 is another fantastic example. Seeing that world through a brand new lens all these years later after 100s of hours of gameplay has made me fall in love with the RPG all over again. The combat feels more fluid, the characters act more natural, and everything just runs so smoothly that I can't even imagine playing the game again at 30FPS.

These next-gen systems have turned myself and a few others into FPS snobs, and it's no surprise when day one titles such as Dirt 5 came front loaded with impressive frame rates, including those lucky few who have been able to get their hands on a TV that supports 120FPS. As much as I hate being that person who shudders at the thought of 30FPS titles now (but don't worry, I would never let it stop me from enjoying a game), the fact that some of these older titles I love are being upgraded feels like Xbox is playing right into my heart. Just seeing one The Evil Within 2 on that list of FPS Boost titles today, and knowing I can experience one of my favourite horror games at a frame rate I've gotten used to with Resident Evil 2 Remake speaks volumes to me.

You've got to remember that this is only the beginning, we're literally in the infancy of FPS Boost and already we're coming close to 100 titles having the feature. That's absolutely crazy - especially with an initial announcement of only five games back in February. It would have been commendable for a handful to be released every month, but here we are, with such a wide selection it would take us an entire year to get through. Just think of where the backwards compatibility team can go from here. How many titles will we have this time next year? And what other magic can they introduce? Only time will tell, but as it stands, they've done a mighty impressive job in making older titles more relevant than ever on the Xbox Series X|S.

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