Random: We're Loving This Official DOOM & Star Wars Crossover Art

Happy Star Wars Day, and May the 4th be with you! Today is the day to celebrate all things Star Wars, and even Bethesda has been getting in on the fun with this amazing official DOOM / Star Wars crossover art!

The company posted this over on its Twitter account earlier today, and it quickly racked up thousands of likes on the platform, with fans highly praising the artwork and sharing their wishes for a Bethesda Star Wars game:

Before you get too excited, there have been no indications that Bethesda is actually working on a Star Wars game, although keep in mind that the company is working on a Lucasfilm Games title based around the Indiana Jones IP.

That said, we'd definitely love to see one of Bethesda's studios in the hotseat for a Star Wars game in the future, and we're willing to bet DOOM's id Software would do a fantastic job at putting one together. Here's hoping...

What do you think of this DOOM / Star Wars crossover art? Let us know down in the comments below.