Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has Xbox Series X Advantage

EA has released the specifications of Mass Effect Legendary Edition on all platforms, and while there's no native next-gen version, the Xbox Series X version is boasting one impressive result over other platforms.

The game is set to come with two options for players to take advantage of. First off is quality mode, which favours the best visual fidelity over a lower framerate, and framerate mode, an option that aims to push the frames to their highest possible rate. While most platforms share the same results, the Xbox Series X is the only console platform that can run the game at 120PFS if the framerate option is favoured.

Those who don't have a 120hz setup can take advantage of the quality mode, which still runs the game at an impressive 60FPS, as does the PlayStation 5 version. Xbox Series S owners, however, will have to favour framerate if they wish to take advantage of the 60FPS gameplay, as quality mode is locked at 30FPS. You can see the full specifications below, including Xbox One.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Has Xbox Series X Advantage

This is a huge win for Xbox Series X owners, and another demonstration of the superb foundations in place for backwards compatibility on the system. Even the Xbox Series S is pushing some pretty impressive results. It will be interesting to see how these versions fare against one another, and no doubt the tech analysis' that come out of it will result in some fascinating deep dives.

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