Okay, so this is definitely one of the weirdest games we've ever reported on, but it's hard to deny it's a cool premise. Lies of P is a Dark Souls inspired take on the fairy tale Pinocchio, and it's coming to Xbox Series X|S, but with no release date in sight yet.

What we do have so far is a trailer and some juicy details. It's being described by developer Round8 Studio as a "Souls-like" game, inspired by the classic story of Pinocchio, who you also play is. Your quest is to find Mr. Geppetto and along the way you'll engage in intense combat encounters and make narrative based choices where you can choose how to lie.

Key features:

- Dark Fairytale Retold – The timeless tale of Pinocchio has been reimagined with dark and striking visuals. Set in the fallen city of Krat, Pinocchio desperately fights to become human against all odds.
- Visual Concept – The city of Krat was inspired by the Belle Epoque Era in Europe (late 19th Century to the early 20th Century) and is the epitome of a collapsed city bereft of prosperity.
- “Lying” Quests and Multiple Endings – Experience interconnected procedural quests that play out depending on how you lie. These choices will then affect how the story ends.
- Weapon-Making System – You can combine weapons in a multitude of ways to create something new altogether. Research to find the best combinations and make something truly special.
- Special Skill System – With Pinocchio being a doll, you can change parts of his body to gain new skills and hopefully an edge in battle. But not all of the enhancements are for fighting though, they can also provide several other unique and useful features.

Despite being based on a very well known story, it actually sounds and looks to be fairly unique. We can't say we've ever thought of merging these two scenarios together, but now that they have been, we're eager to hear more.

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