Guide: Every Original Xbox Game You Can Play With Backwards Compatibility

One of the best things about modern Xbox consoles in the year 2021 is that you can still play hundreds of great games spanning the history of the brand, including from both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360.

In the case of the original Xbox though, there aren't actually as many compatible titles as you might think, with just 42 supported in all. That said, some of them have received fantastic upgrades that make them look legitimately like new games in 4K, and there are some real classics featured amongst the bunch.

Here are the original Xbox games you can play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S:

In addition to these, don't forget that if you've got an Xbox 360 still hooked up, that console actually supports 461 original Xbox titles as long as you've got a hard drive attached to the system. Some games notoriously have issues running via emulation on Xbox 360, so be sure to check up on Wikipedia before going out and buying anything.

Which of these original Xbox games are you enjoying? Let us know down in the comments.

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