Future Yakuza Titles Will Continue The Turn-Based Combat Found In Like A Dragon

If you were hoping the Yakuza series would go back to its roots of real-time combat, you're in for some disappointment. The new turn-based combat found in Yakuza: Like A Dragon is here to stay, according to the series' producers.

In a new interview with IGN, following the announcement of Lost Judgment, Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Kazuki Hosokawa revealed that the turn-based combat will be sticking around permanently. However, while the Yakuza series will embrace its new JRPG gameplay, the Judgment series is said to continue the legacy of the real-time combat found in past games.

"The Yakuza series has been transformed into a turn-based RPG. On the other hand, over the years, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio has accumulated resources and know-how of making flashy and exhilarating action games that are effortless to enjoy. We decided that we should let our signature action gameplay live on through Lost Judgment."

Yakuza: Like A Dragon's huge change in combat was divisive for the fanbase, as many fans preferred the traditional style. Personally, we found the change to be refreshing, and a much needed lease of new life for the series. There were definitely some kinks that needed ironing out, but we're hopeful that future entries will work on those issues.

As for fans who are yearning for the real-time combat to return, Judgment seems like your best bet to see that play out. Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios appears to be embracing the best of both worlds, and we're excited to follow each franchise.

Are you happy with the turn in direction for the Yakuza series? Let us know in the comments below.

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