Zombie Army 4 Dead War Free Xbox Series X Upgrade

If the news of Zombie Army 4: Dead War coming to Xbox Game Pass wasn't exciting enough, developer Rebellion has announced that a free next-gen upgrade will be arriving alongside its addition this week.

Scheduled to hit Xbox Game Pass on April 8, the free update will allow Xbox Series X|S owners to benefit from some unique visual boosts. Xbox Series X in particular will have two graphical options with Performance (1080p at 120FPS), and Quality (4K at 60FPS). The Xbox Series S version on the other hand will have one option of 1080p at 60FPS.

Additionally, both consoles will benefit from reduced loading times, to ensure players are not left fighting the undead for very long. But Rebellion has noted the resolution on Quality Mode may drop to keep a consistent framerate.

"Series S:
- 1080p* @ 60Hz only
- Reduced loading times

Series X:
Includes quality/performance toggle with the following settings:
- Quality – 4k* @ 60Hzo
- Performance – 1080p @ 120Hz**
- Reduced loading times

*DRS enabled - The resolution of the image can drop below the target to ensure a smooth FPS.
**Requires a 120Hz display with HDMI 2.1 support."

Alongside all the fancy new visual upgrades, the patch will also bring "new music, combat pieces and general gameplay pieces", gameplay balances, and a variety of bug fixes. It's making the game's inclusion into Xbox Game Pass even more enticing, and we can't wait to buddy up with some friends and take on the undead.

Will you be checking out Zombie Army 4: Dead War with Xbox Game Pass? Let us know below.

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